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4th of July Fleeton Beach Events

June 11, 2014 in 4th of July, bike parade, crab derby by tecsavi1

We now have the July 4th schedule for Fleeton Beach!

Saturday July 5th

10:00am Fleeton Bike parade

Julian Street near the entrance to the boardwalk. Kids decorate your bike to show your patriotism. Adults come cheer on the kids as they have a bike parade around the block.

Use your imagination to decorate your bike with ribbons, balloons and whatever you can get your hands on. Show your patriotism and have fun at the same time. Adults come sit in the shade on Julian Street and cheer on the kids of Fleeton while they put on a spectacular show.

11:00am Crab Derby

On the public beach at the end of the boardwalk. Come join the fun on the beach as we find out who has the fastest crab on Fleeton beach.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Crab) event but we will try and provide extra crabs for those not having any luck catching your own. Catch your crab however you can and bring it to the derby on the beach.

Bike parade 2Derby 1

Meeting Minutes May 25th, 2014

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Lewis Lee called the meeting of the Fleeton Beach Homeowners Association to order at 6:00 PM on May 25th, 2014.  He opened the meeting by reading a Memorial Day tribute presented by Bob Rose.  Lewis then read the minutes from the September meeting.  After asking for corrections or additions to the minutes, Rod Pierce motioned the minutes be accepted as read.  Barbara Dove seconded the motion.  Michael DeGroot read the treasurer’s report and asked that those have not sent their dues for 2014 do so.  Michael explained that more than $2000.00 is still owed.  Lewis suggested that we contact Michael if we are not sure of our status (804-453-3183 or

Lewis explained that insurance is for liability coverage.  Our insurance covers all of our officers, the road, public areas such as the beach, the boardwalk, and the area adjacent to Taskmakers and any other common areas.  Bob LaChance motioned we accept this responsibility and Rod Pierce seconded the motion.  The recent survey was available for all to see and understand where the common areas are.

Bob LaChance had three washouts in front of his property which he had Glenn Lester fix to Bob’s satisfaction.  Bob will contact Glenn Lester and request he look at the washouts in the common area and get a price for fixing them.  Judith DeGroot moved we increase the available money for fixing the washouts from $500.00 to $1000.00 to prevent having to call another meeting.  Rod Pierce seconded the motion, which carried.

Lewis read an excerpt from the original deed: “The said grantors (the developers) do also convey to the said grantees (purchasers) and their successors in title, a right-of-way shown on said plat, and the right of user in common with others for all of the usual purposes of all beaches and parks shown on said plat.”  In other words, the original developers, trading as the Bayshore Company, still own all the roads and common areas, with the lot owners of Fleeton Beach having right-of-way use.  Lewis went on to explain that Les Kilduff, the attorney hired by the Association, feels the expense of trying to pursue the ownership of the roads does not provide any direct benefit to the landowners or the Association, and would not be a worthy investment because it also does not lesson the liability of the property owners or the Association.  Given this, since all lot owners use the roads and common areas, it is our responsibility for their care and maintenance.  One way for lot owners to help provide this care and maintenance is by paying the annual dues to the Fleeton Beach Association, which provides the funding to maintain these areas.  The sole purpose of the Association is to maintain these areas for the safe use of all.

Events happening in Reedville July 4th, 2014

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The fourth of July is just around the corner and there are many events planned in Reedville to celebrate. Here is the schedule of events for the July 4th weekend in Reedville.

Saturday July 5th

6:45am – Registration for the Firecracker 5K

10:30am – Kids events start

3pm – Reedville 4th of July Parade

9pm – Fireworks

Sunday July 6th

3pm – Patriotic Music Performance – Festival Hall

Information on events at Fleeton beach coming soon.

Cause of recent bottle nose dolphin deaths found

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Dolphin strandingThis summer you may have seen the dolphin carcass that washed ashore on Fleeton beach. Officials believe that they have found the cause for mass dolphin fatalities that have been occurring u and down the mid-Atlantic seaboard.  National Marine Fisheries scientists say at least one of the stranded dolphins  appeared to have suffered from a measles-like “morbillivirus.”

Morbillivirus infections have been associated with previous large die-offs of dolphins and seals, but she cautioned that investigators were still evaluating the cause of this year’s strandings. Such outbreaks happen almost yearly along coastal regions; 60 have been  declared since 1991. But the acceleration of dolphin deaths in the past week, 35, merited increased concern in this case, marine scientists said.

“This is the highest number that we have had for this time of year since 1987,” said Susan Barco, research coordinator for the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, Va. The 1987-88 outbreak saw the stranding deaths of more than 740 bottlenose dolphins from New Jersey to Florida, as well as deaths of humpback whales, as a catastrophe linked to morbillivirus and algae toxins. That year’s deaths triggered an outpouring of public concern about dolphins.

If you find a stranded or dead dolphin please do not touch the animal and call the Stranding Response 24-hour hotline at 757-385-7575


Read more about this from the links below.

Die-off of bottlenose dolphins, linked to virus, is worst in 25 years – Washington Post

Dolphin strandings, deaths seen off East Coast waters – USA Today

Dolphin deaths hit 100 in Virginia – Richmond Times Dispatch

Virus a suspect in dolphin strandings along bay


Pictures and stories needed

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Wscan0005e are looking to add new content to the Fleeton Beach website and need your help. Do you have stories that relate to Fleeton Beach or its members? Have old photos of Fleeton? Please send them in we would like to add your story.

Breathing Life into the Chesapeake: Of Oyster, Boats and Men airing on local channels

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Dave MillerDave Miller’s documentary “Breathing Life into the Chesapeake: Of Oyster, Boats and Men” will be airing on PBS stations in Richmond and Charlottesville on either Nov. 7 or 14 at 9 p.m. Mark your calendars to see this very interesting documentary. If you happen to miss this airing you can purchase a copy from or contact Dave directly.

Labor day meeting minutes added

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The Labor Day Homeowners Association meeting minutes have been added to the members page. Read it here:

Fleeton Beach float in Reedville parade

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Thanks goes out to all who helped make the Fleeton beach float for the Reedville parade a success. 22 kids were riding on the float and waving to cheering crowds along the parade route.

2013 Fleeton Beach Bike Parade

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Another successful bike parade this year and the kids did a terrific job decorating their bike. Lots of 4th of July patriotic spirit with the kids at Fleeton.

2013 Fleeton Beach Crab Derby

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We had 21 entries in this years crab derby and it was filled with excitement. This years fastest crab was entered by Anna Lee. When asked what was her secret for winning 2 years in a row she replied “I catch the ones off the piers at the marina. The gasoline makes them faster.” The second place trophy went to Ethan Harris who finished claw and claw with Emily Farmer for a photo finish. We had lots of fast crabs entered this year and lots of people to cheer them on.



Volunteers needed for jetty repair August 24th

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Jetty 2Just by looking at the public beach you can see how much of a difference jetties make in building up sand on the beach. The jetties have added almost 1/3 more beach in the short time since they were repaired.  We are calling on all Fleeton beach homeowners to help repair two jetties which protect the beach in front of the Turner and LaChance properties. These jetties are critical to protecting properties and also help to restore the public beach as well. Work will begin at 8am on August 24th. Food and refreshments will be provided by the Turners and volunteers from the Fleeton Beach HOA.

We will not be removing old timbers but we will be shoring up parts of the jetties that are in danger of failing. It is suggested that workers have gloves and wear jeans which will more than likely get wet. This is to protect you from rough lumber. Pumps and compressors will be in place and tested Friday afternoon to ensure we are ready to go Saturday morning.

Fleeton resident filming documentary on local watermen

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Breathing life into the Chesapeake: of oyster, boats and men.

Dave MillerLocal Fleeton resident Dave Miller is filming a documentary on the oyster trade, the iconic boats of the Chesapeake bay and the watermen who work the waters around Fleeton.  Documenting the booming oyster trade of the past all the way through current efforts to bring back the oyster populations. Interviews with watermen, sailing aboard workboats, tonging for oysters and the oyster farms of today. Dave takes us on a journey documenting not only the oyster trade but the men and boats that have worked local waters. This film will be aired on PBS in Richmond and the Tidewater in October. The DVD will be available for purchase after airing.

“Breathing Life Into the Chesapeake” is being filmed on location on the Great Wicomico River near Fleeton Virginia, in Coles Point, Reedville, and Gloucester Virginia, on the waters and shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay in 2013.  It is an updated and uplifting film on the current condition of the bay.”

Visit the films website at for some clips of footage shot by Dave. Follow up on the films progress by liking the films Facebook page.


Breathing Life Into the Chesapeake, of Oysters, Boats, and Men

Dave is raising funds to support this project on kickstarter. Please visit his page.