What is the American Fantasy?

What is the American Fantasy?

The definition of “American Desire” was employed by the American historian James Truslow Adams in his book ” America’s Epic ” posted in 1931 1. In those days the USA suffered beneath the Great Depression 2. Adams used the term to describe religious guarantees, the complex morals and governmental and societal expectations. ” The Dream” has become a common expression to describe the American Life-Style 3 in general, nonetheless it is undoubtedly that difficult.” The Desire” often has anything personal. That’s, in supplying a generally suitable definition of the word, why till nowadays no-one succeeded. Another purpose may be the lasting change of the ” Desire “, which usually made myexcellentwriter.com it an extremely mentioned matter inside the American Society. Consequently, not just American experts like T.C Boyle 4 in his book “The Tortilla Curtain” 5 are coping with the topic of “The American Fantasy”, but also Hollywood used and still employs it in a lot of films, like in “Pretty Girl” 6. Plenty of American historians claim “The American Desire” also has its beginnings inside the Affirmation of Liberty along with the first European Residents since the simple strategy is the fact that every man and every girl shall, irrespective of their birth, attain what you will find ready todo. Everybody shall be addressed and witnessed similarly and become acknowledged by others for what they are and also have reached, refering to their position. To produce ” The Dream” come true All – Americans have to interact. ” The American Dream” is meant to be for every National, despite all social organizations. According to Adams Americans have designed feeling towards ” The American Wish” because they didn’t achieve the things they had hoped for and also had expected. To get a large amount of people “The American Wish” is linked to becoming prosperous and the power to achieve everything if one just works hard enough for it (From towels to riches). For others it is not far less and is beyond materialism. For them it could be the dream of living an easy, pleased and satisfying living along with the most significant attributes being equality and belief. ” The Dream” is also about independence being the country of unlimited opportunities. Another facet is that America is Gods’ chosen place (“Area about the glowing slope” meaning the new Jerusalem) 7 and All – Americans must carry “The American Desire” to the remaining portion of the world, such as for example Democracy and American values. Likewise the concept that immigration of distinct nationalities, diverse national backgrounds and various spiritual morals might be fused without leaving their diverse countries. The idea of America being fully a melting container where everyone could stay quietly together. ” The Dream” features a ton to do with America being fully a state of immigration, and these immigrants hoped to live a better lifestyle while in the world that is new. Where from my perspective lies the paradox because All – Americans are descendants of immigrants that is and nonetheless there are individuals like Delany and Kyra, protagonists in T. C Boyle’s before stated story ” The Tortilla Curtain”, who in the long run possibly hate the illegal immigrants. Boyle makes this paradox truly obvious together with the Mexican guy surviving in Arroyo Blanco who made it and is recognized. This can be one reason nowadays a lot of people state ” The American Dream” has become a nightmare. 8 Determined you could claim “the American Desire” is the US’s perception -American Society that everything can be, through hardworking and toughness of mind, achieved by all person. Nevertheless, it is likewise highly debatable, since did Luther King know his ” Desire “? Or aacute, H&; Am and ndido & eacute did they actually obtain the chance regarding their abilities?

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Spectacular aerial views of Fleeton

Fleeton Drone 8A special thanks goes out to our very own Dave Miller for these spectacular aerial photos and video of Fleeton beach shot from his drone.

This birds eye view gives a whole new perspective of the benefits of the jetty building projects at Fleeton and the protection they provide to our beaches. You can see where the beach has been impacted where the jetties are absent and you can see the beach being actually built up by the jetties.

View this video footage along the shores of Fleeton Beach and the surrounding area.

Please take some time to visit his website at


Fleeton Drone 1 Fleeton Drone 2 Fleeton Drone 3 Fleeton Drone 4 Fleeton Drone 5 Fleeton Drone 6 Fleeton Drone 7

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Maurice DeZayas. The UNHRC expert the UNHRC specialist’s essay, which blames Israel and also the people for that London strikes, sparked UN Observe to ask the body that is overseas to issue a condemnation. The Geneva’s top -based human-rights company called on the United Nations to condemn an essay compiled by one-of its personnel accusing Israel as well as the people for your November 13 Paris attacks. UN Executive Director Hillel D. Neuer advised Secretarygeneral Ban Ki-moon along with other UN officers to denounce the 1500-term part wrote by Alfred De Zayas, the Un Human Rights Council’separate pro around the marketing of a democratic and equitable overseas order.’ While in the post, P Zayas proposes that while terrorism isn’t justifiable, the episodes in Rome occurred because of conflicts and old religious worries between settlers and’ He also makes a veiled reference to the US, saying that the’sufferers and also the children’ of’colonialist’ and’capitalist’ enterprises’ who’have neither understood or neglected revealed their anger in London. Continue reading How to Annotate a Guide

2015 Crab Derby and Bike Parade

Fleeton Beach had a very colorful and patriotic bike parade this year with lots of kids entering.

Bike Parade 2015 1

We had a record number of participants and spectators for this years crab derby. Congratulations goes out to everyone who entered a crab this year as they were by far the liveliest bunch. This years results:

1st Place – Ethan Weiman

2nd Place – Jacob

3rd Place – Ethan Harris

4th Place – Mason LaChance

Crab derby 2015 4 Crab derby 2015 3 Crab derby 2015 2 Crab derby 2015 1 Bike Parade 2015 1

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Fleeton 4th of July 2015

Click here for a flyer

4th of July events at Fleeton Beach

Saturday July 4th at 10:00am – Bike Parade

Bike Parade




Saturday July 4th at 11:00am – Crab Derby

Crab Derby




4th of July events in Reedville

Saturday July 4th, 2015

  • 6:45am registration for the Firecracker 5k
  • 10:30am Kids events start
  • 3pm Reedville 4th of July Parade

Sunday July 5th 2015

  • 9pm Fireworks




New Flagpole Erected along beach.

Take a look at the gallery for photos of the new flagpole erected along the beach. Thanks goes out to all who were involved with this great addition to Fleeton Beach.

The formal dedication of the flag pole will be to veterans of our community who have passed. If you know of any deceased veterans who were Fleeton Beach members please let us know. We want to include everyone. We will aim for a Memorial Day dedication. The flagpole was donated by the Harris family.

Fleeton Beach July 4th, 2014

Crab derby 2014

Fleeton Beach Crab Derby 2014


This year we had a record 32 entries for the crab derby and a huge crowd on the beach to cheer them on. The derby was exciting with a couple of quick little crabs making a run for it at the start of the derby. Congratulations go out to the winners and to all who entered their crabs in the derby.


Crab derby results

1st Place – Nicolas Duncan

2nd Place – Charolette Ream

3rd Place – Maren Ream


Bike Parade 2014 1

Fleeton Beach Bike Parade 2014


We had so many so many terrific bikes decorated this year and a record braking crowd to cheer them on. All of the kids did a spectacular job showing their patriotism with red,white and blue all over their bikes.


Results:  Age group 1 – 3 years:  Memphis Beassie – Best Radio Flyer Wagon. Nicholas Duncan – Best Red, White, and Blue. Noah Dockery – Best NNK Tan.

Age group 8 – 13 years:  Anna Lee – First Place. Eve Lansberry – Second Place.

Honorable Mentions: Jacob Best SAG Support. Honorable Mention: The Ream family – Best walking group.


Bike parade 2014 a1

4th of July Fleeton Beach Events

We now have the July 4th schedule for Fleeton Beach!

Saturday July 5th

10:00am Fleeton Bike parade

Julian Street near the entrance to the boardwalk. Kids decorate your bike to show your patriotism. Adults come cheer on the kids as they have a bike parade around the block.

Use your imagination to decorate your bike with ribbons, balloons and whatever you can get your hands on. Show your patriotism and have fun at the same time. Adults come sit in the shade on Julian Street and cheer on the kids of Fleeton while they put on a spectacular show.

11:00am Crab Derby

On the public beach at the end of the boardwalk. Come join the fun on the beach as we find out who has the fastest crab on Fleeton beach.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Crab) event but we will try and provide extra crabs for those not having any luck catching your own. Catch your crab however you can and bring it to the derby on the beach.

Bike parade 2Derby 1

Meeting Minutes May 25th, 2014

Lewis Lee called the meeting of the Fleeton Beach Homeowners Association to order at 6:00 PM on May 25th, 2014.  He opened the meeting by reading a Memorial Day tribute presented by Bob Rose.  Lewis then read the minutes from the September meeting.  After asking for corrections or additions to the minutes, Rod Pierce motioned the minutes be accepted as read.  Barbara Dove seconded the motion.  Michael DeGroot read the treasurer’s report and asked that those have not sent their dues for 2014 do so.  Michael explained that more than $2000.00 is still owed.  Lewis suggested that we contact Michael if we are not sure of our status (804-453-3183 or mjdgrt@yahoo.com).

Lewis explained that insurance is for liability coverage.  Our insurance covers all of our officers, the road, public areas such as the beach, the boardwalk, and the area adjacent to Taskmakers and any other common areas.  Bob LaChance motioned we accept this responsibility and Rod Pierce seconded the motion.  The recent survey was available for all to see and understand where the common areas are.

Bob LaChance had three washouts in front of his property which he had Glenn Lester fix to Bob’s satisfaction.  Bob will contact Glenn Lester and request he look at the washouts in the common area and get a price for fixing them.  Judith DeGroot moved we increase the available money for fixing the washouts from $500.00 to $1000.00 to prevent having to call another meeting.  Rod Pierce seconded the motion, which carried.

Lewis read an excerpt from the original deed: “The said grantors (the developers) do also convey to the said grantees (purchasers) and their successors in title, a right-of-way shown on said plat, and the right of user in common with others for all of the usual purposes of all beaches and parks shown on said plat.”  In other words, the original developers, trading as the Bayshore Company, still own all the roads and common areas, with the lot owners of Fleeton Beach having right-of-way use.  Lewis went on to explain that Les Kilduff, the attorney hired by the Association, feels the expense of trying to pursue the ownership of the roads does not provide any direct benefit to the landowners or the Association, and would not be a worthy investment because it also does not lesson the liability of the property owners or the Association.  Given this, since all lot owners use the roads and common areas, it is our responsibility for their care and maintenance.  One way for lot owners to help provide this care and maintenance is by paying the annual dues to the Fleeton Beach Association, which provides the funding to maintain these areas.  The sole purpose of the Association is to maintain these areas for the safe use of all.

Events happening in Reedville July 4th, 2014

The fourth of July is just around the corner and there are many events planned in Reedville to celebrate. Here is the schedule of events for the July 4th weekend in Reedville.

Saturday July 5th

6:45am – Registration for the Firecracker 5K

10:30am – Kids events start

3pm – Reedville 4th of July Parade

9pm – Fireworks

Sunday July 6th

3pm – Patriotic Music Performance – Festival Hall

Information on events at Fleeton beach coming soon.

Cause of recent bottle nose dolphin deaths found

Dolphin strandingThis summer you may have seen the dolphin carcass that washed ashore on Fleeton beach. Officials believe that they have found the cause for mass dolphin fatalities that have been occurring u and down the mid-Atlantic seaboard.  National Marine Fisheries scientists say at least one of the stranded dolphins  appeared to have suffered from a measles-like “morbillivirus.”

Morbillivirus infections have been associated with previous large die-offs of dolphins and seals, but she cautioned that investigators were still evaluating the cause of this year’s strandings. Such outbreaks happen almost yearly along coastal regions; 60 have been  declared since 1991. But the acceleration of dolphin deaths in the past week, 35, merited increased concern in this case, marine scientists said.

“This is the highest number that we have had for this time of year since 1987,” said Susan Barco, research coordinator for the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, Va. The 1987-88 outbreak saw the stranding deaths of more than 740 bottlenose dolphins from New Jersey to Florida, as well as deaths of humpback whales, as a catastrophe linked to morbillivirus and algae toxins. That year’s deaths triggered an outpouring of public concern about dolphins.

If you find a stranded or dead dolphin please do not touch the animal and call the Stranding Response 24-hour hotline at 757-385-7575


Read more about this from the links below.

Die-off of bottlenose dolphins, linked to virus, is worst in 25 years – Washington Post

Dolphin strandings, deaths seen off East Coast waters – USA Today

Dolphin deaths hit 100 in Virginia – Richmond Times Dispatch

Virus a suspect in dolphin strandings along bay -Pilotonline.com


Breathing Life into the Chesapeake: Of Oyster, Boats and Men airing on local channels

Dave MillerDave Miller’s documentary “Breathing Life into the Chesapeake: Of Oyster, Boats and Men” will be airing on PBS stations in Richmond and Charlottesville on either Nov. 7 or 14 at 9 p.m. Mark your calendars to see this very interesting documentary. If you happen to miss this airing you can purchase a copy from http://breathinglifetv.com/ or contact Dave directly.